To better protect and heal children from trauma and its emotional impact



What is KEYS?

KEYS (Keeping Every Youth Safe)** is a series of workshops, created by Dr. Elissa Brown and Ms. Lois Beekman, designed to prevent sexual abuse, physical abuse, and bullying.

Both flexible and modular, KEYS is prevention training which includes lecture, discussion, and role-plays to engage participants in the material and challenge them to overcome the barriers of discussing difficult topics.

Knowledge is power. With better understanding of the dynamics of abuse, parents and caregivers are much more likely to identify children who need help – or intervene when they witness abusive behavior. And it holds true time and time again that it takes a village to keep children safe.

Who benefits from KEYS?

KEYS is recommended for all adults who interact with children, both as professionals and caregivers. Our focus is to create a partnership between parents and staff at educational institutions, sports and other enrichment programs. One potential model is kindergarten parents—a group that is highly motivated and interested. After 6 years in a given school, an entire community would be trained.

KEYS moderators are prepared to work with audiences from multicultural backgrounds. And we make careful adaptations for cultural sensitivity as we move the program to different groups.

What’s in a KEYS workshop?

For each topic (sexual abuse, physical abuse, and bullying), the KEYS workshop facilitator discusses the relevant myths and facts, steps to protect children, and barriers that prevent us from taken action. Attendees are empowered to open lines of communication and deliver accurate, age-appropriate information to children about difficult topics. And they leave the seminar with a set of concrete steps to reducing incidents of abuse and injury. This workshop is a modular series that can be delivered independently or combined.

Like all Child HELP Partnership programs, KEYS is designed with evaluation embedded, which informs program development and ensures return-on-investment. KEYS participants complete measures of satisfaction, knowledge, and protective behaviors before and after the training. Participants have shown significant increases in both knowledge about abuse and injury, and protective behaviors. And we are pleased to report satisfaction with KEYS seminars has been at the highest levels.

How can you attend a KEYS workshop?

To find out more about hosting or participating in a KEYS workshops, please contact us at or 718-990-2367. These workshops can be delivered in person or as an online webinar.

With this new awareness, someone you know might just save a child in distress right now.