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The Boys and Girls Club of Southern Michigan had their first ISF training session on Tuesday (November 8th) at 11 am ET. The training was held by Dr. Imad Zaheer and delivered to the trauma team.

Two Advanced Undergraduate Students Volunteered with CHP Research Related Tasks

First ISF Training sessions with The Boys and Girls Club of Northern Plains

The Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada held a Trauma 101 training on Tuesday (October 10th) at 1 pm ET. The training was held by Dr. Andrea Bergman and delivered to the trauma team.

The Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada had a Trauma 101 training on Tuesday (October 10th) at 1pm. The training was delivered by Dr. Andrea Bergman to the trauma team.

The Turtle Mountain Cultural Adaptations team has begun meeting to make culturally sensitive and appropriate adaptations and changes to our Tier I and II trauma interventions – Trauma 101 and Skills for Psychological Recovery.

We held a Keeping Every Child Safe workshop from September 8th to September 9th, 2023.

We held a TF-CBT training from September 1st to September 2nd, 2023.

Therapy/PARTNERS Clinic

In the last month, the Child HELP Partnership has opened its doors to children who have been through various forms of trauma including race-based trauma, medical trauma, motor vehicle collisions, and natural disasters. Five advanced doctoral students have completed TF-CBT training and have begun treating children.


The CHP Prevention Team delivered Keeping Every Child Safe to 12 parents and caregivers in Bellport, NY in August 2023. Parents attended Child Safe for Parents, a 2.5-hour workshop on effective parenting skills to mitigate bullying and prevent child abuse. Simultaneously, 18 of their children attend a “Hula Hoop Hop,” a special event for children in which they are given hula hoops (that represent appropriate personal space) to decorate and work together to create a mural about safety. These activities were followed by a “play and practice” with refreshments.


CBS News New York. Prince Harry’s Pain and Grief, Dr. Robin Goodman

National Child Traumatic Stress Network Webinar: I Don’t Know How to Have a Happy Holidays. Speaker: Arcelia Balanon (Parent Advocate) Speaker: Robin Goodman (Provider), Speaker: Irwin Sandler (Provider)

The Child HELP Partnership team presented 7 posters at the annual meeting of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies and 1 poster at the annual meeting of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.  Topics included how we build resilience in children and how parents feel better after Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, how NYC children reacted emotionally and behaviorally to COVID-19, and opportunities and challenges for our partner sites as they implement trauma interventions as part of the national project.

The National Child HELP Partnership dissemination and training project added two new sites—the Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada and the Boys & Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan.  We are excited to work with these two innovative Boys & Girls Clubs because they are among the first to embed trauma-informed mental health services into their initiatives.

Dr. Brown and her colleagues, Drs. Komal Sharma-Patel, Kaitlin Happer, and Amy Lee published a chapter on the treatment of pediatric posttraumatic stress disorder in the second edition of the Handbook of Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents.

Dr. Goodman and Dr. Irwin Sandler …

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