About Child HELP Partnership

Every day, innocent children are exposed to tragic situations.  They may witness violence in their communities.  They may not be safe in their own homes.  Approximately 60% of children across the United States are exposed to traumatic events.  One in six girls and one in twenty boys are victims of sexual abuse prior to age 18.  More than 10% of teenagers are injured each year by a caregiver during discipline.

Our Mission

The CHP mission is to better protect and heal children from trauma and its emotional impact. Our outreach strategies, assessment tools, prevention programs, therapies, training initiatives, and program evaluation techniques are improving care across the country.
  • On the local level, we provide therapy free-of-charge to underserved children and families in the surrounding communities.
  • On the national level, we train school and mental health professionals to provide trauma-specific prevention strategies and trauma therapy using proven state-of-the-art dissemination and implementation practices.
We continually evaluate the effectiveness of all our programs to improve our work and enhance our methods.

It’s All in the Name

Our name, Child HELP Partnership, reflects our integrated approach in four areas of focus:
  • Healing children after trauma using evidence based therapies
  • Empowering communities with access to the finest, culturally-sensitive mental health programs
  • Learning programs to train and educate professionals in the most innovative and effective methods
  • Public education for parents and those who interact with children, including educators, coaches, and people within their sphere of influence
Partnerships are embedded into everything we do.  The best care happens when we partner with:
  • Children who experienced trauma and need our help
  • Families who are supporting children
  • Communities that engage with children
  • Colleagues in mental health, education, and other child-serving professions who share our commitment to children
  • Cultural experts who make sure our programs are accessible and informed for all children

Our Commitment to Excellence

Based on our ongoing research, we continually refine our approach.  This guarantees our services are always on the cutting edge.  The children we treat with state-of-the-art techniques show better results than those treated with other therapies.  This has earned us a reputation as thought leaders and experts in the field who are often sought out to train other mental health professionals with our innovative techniques. For more information about our work or to obtain services, contact us or fill out a referral form.