To better protect and heal children from trauma and its emotional impact



Research is the solid foundation that sets us apart.  Before we select a new program offering, we review the science to ensure we add only proven interventions. We then adapt and evaluate the intervention with our clients, to ensure that we are getting the expected, impactful outcomes.  Program evaluation is integrated into every aspect of the Child HELP Partnership to ensure that the quality of our services is constantly improving. We evaluate every aspect of care, from the initial phone contact with families to treatment outcome.

We call this approach evidence-based. Evidence-based describes when an intervention has been evaluated using the most sophisticated scientific method available. Our interventions have been tested in randomized controlled trials (where the assignment to a type of intervention is based on the flip of a coin). This ensures that, if one intervention results in greater improvements than the other, we know it is due to the intervention, not some other factor (for example, one group started off higher than the other).

Whereas most organizations follow the same protocols year after year, decade after decade, we update our protocols as part of normal practice.  It’s this constant updating through our research practices that keeps us on the cutting edge.

The impact of our approach is that the children we treat with state-of-the-art techniques show a higher rate of recovery than those treated with other therapies. Our prevention and education programs may save thousands of children at risk. Every professional we train around the country will heal hundreds, if not thousands, of traumatized families during their careers. In this sense, the work we do in our small clinic will have an exponential impact on tens of thousands of children all over the country.