To better protect and heal children from trauma and its emotional impact

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What If We Don’t Intervene?

What Happens to Communities, Families, and Children Without Access to Interventions?

If we don’t offer prevention, hundreds of thousands of children will be abused and traumatized each year nationally, costing $124 billion in services over their lifetimes and untold heartache to children and their loved ones.

If we don’t help families adjust after the death of a loved one, tens of thousands of children will remain emotionally distant from their siblings, caregivers, and friends, all of which are precursors of depression, social isolation, and suicide.

If we don’t get traumatized children with serious mental health problems the best possible therapy, they will be susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse, cutting and other risky behavior, and re-victimization. Their struggles will worsen into adulthood, resulting in a national mental health cost of $500 trillion each year in the US.

Our continual research, refinement and results guarantee that we’re always on the cutting edge. The outcome is that the children we treat with state of the art techniques show a higher rate of recovery than those treated with other therapies. This has earned us a reputation as thought leaders and experts in the field who are often sought out to train other mental health professionals with our innovative techniques.

In this sense, the work we do in our small clinic has big, in fact potentially exponential impact on thousands of children nationally.  This is because we have and will continue to train other mental health professional to use these techniques all over the country.

That’s why we need your help.

When you make a gift to the Child HELP Partnership, you’ll join us in our mission to better protect and heal children from trauma and its emotional impact.

You’ll also join our network. That means you’ll get invites to our events and receive periodic updates on our programs – and on our progress along the road to making our mission come true.

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