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Emilia – family needed multi-cultural therapy

Emilia, age 7, was sexually abused by her 21-year-old cousin. She comes from a Hispanic family with a history of abuse. She urgently needs to get off the PARTNERS waiting list to receive two types of interventions: short-term to handle the trauma, and long-term to separate from her familys history and create her own life direction.

With most of Emilia’s key family members knowing only Spanish, other therapy has been ineffective. She needs top-caliber intervention that is culturally-sensitive.

“I came to PARTNERS to be involved in my daughter’s therapy with my husband, but I wasn’t sure whether there would be a Spanish-speaking therapist for us who would also speak English to Emilia,” her mother recalled. “PARTNERS gave my family exactly what we needed, and even more: a multicultural understanding of our Nicaraguan background. After 6 months this allowed Emilia to feel normal again.”

Emilia learned that the abuse wasn’t her fault, and grew unashamed to speak openly with her parents. The whole family became involved — her three sisters even came to celebrate her graduation from therapy.

“Gracias por existir PARTNERS! Quedémonos socios para combatir el silencio del abuso de nuestras comunidades.”

Translated: “Thank you for existing, PARTNERS! Let’s remain partners to combat the silence of abuse in our communities together.”