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Carlos – victim of traumatic grief

Carlos loved gymnastics. Tumbling and flipping were his favorites. But when he was sexually abused by his coach, it was his 7-year-old life that got turned upside down.

He is having nightmares, wetting his bed, having tantrums, and afraid of gymnastics altogether. His supportive mother is torn between trying to give him time and helping him realize that life does go on. She read about how helpful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be and spoke to our intake coordinator about that intervention. But we can’t see him yet, because of our waiting list. His school is pressuring her to address his behavior. If we don’t see Carlos and his mother soon, she will have to seek other – most likely less effective — care or give up.

If we don’t intervene, Carlos will almost certainly face social and emotional problems in adolescence and adulthood. He is at significant risk for dropping out of school, succeeding in workplace and family life.

A moment of abuse can last a lifetime.