Bereavement: The period of time or state of being when someone is grieving the death of someone.


Carlos - victim of traumatic grief Carlos loved gymnastics. Tumbling and flipping were his favorites. But when he was sexually abused by his coach, it was his 7-year-old life that got turned upside down. He is having nightmares, wetting his bed, having tantrums, and afraid of gymnastics altogether. His supportive mother...

child physical abuse

Child physical abuse (CPA): Discipline of a child by an adult in a parenting, caretaking, teaching, or coaching role that results in physical injury.

child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse (CSA): Sexual behavior between a child and someone in a parenting, caretaking, teaching, or coaching role.


Cognitive-behavioral: An approach to therapy that focuses on skills to manage upsetting feelings, thoughts, physical actions, and misbehavior.

coping skills

Coping skills: Strategies used to manage upsetting feelings, thoughts, and physiological arousal.

culturally relevant

Culturally relevant: Awareness and appreciation of cultural differences and similarities among people of different backgrounds.


Dissemination: Distribution of valuable information to target audiences, such as therapists, teachers, and caregivers.

domestic violence

Domestic violence: Verbal or physical violence between two adults living together. Children are impacted by witnessing domestic violence.


Emilia - family needed multi-cultural therapy Emilia, age 7, was sexually abused by her 21-year-old cousin. She comes from a Hispanic family with a history of abuse. She urgently needs to get off the PARTNERS waiting list to receive two types of interventions: short-term to handle the trauma, and long-term to...