To better protect and heal children from trauma and its emotional impact

Our Trainings

For Professionals

At Child HELP Partnership, we offer extensive trainings in trauma- and grief-specific therapies, in addition to workshops on interpersonal violence, disaster, grief, and embedding evaluation in intervention programs. Because our positive patient outcomes are well-documented, we have gained a national reputation for these trainings.

As we do in all our program development, we have selected training content and strategies that are based on existing research. Research tells us that effective training starts with sharing of information and then is reinforced with oversight while those skills are practiced. We’ve discovered this model is effective for our trainings as well as our prevention and clinical programs. In turn, we gather feedback on our training programs to ensure success.

Every year we train hundreds of mental health practitioners and students in our methods. In the past 3.5 years alone, we have trained more than 400 therapists in trauma-specific cognitive-behavioral therapies. Mental health professionals from the U.S. and abroad receive this training via didactic presentations and ongoing consultation on cases.

Above that, we have provided education on trauma and its mental health impact to hundreds of other professionals serving children.

Reaching more practitioners through training at all professional levels is the goal. Because that means we can save more children from being trapped in lifetimes of distress.

JOB OPPORTUNITY – AUGUST 2020 – Intake Coordinator for Clinical Research on Child Trauma