Recent Accomplishments


Healing children using evidence-based, specialized therapies

  • Due to the child mental health crisis, Child HELP Partnership (CHP) added a full-time clinician to reduce our waiting list from 4 months to 3 weeks.

  • Traumatized children and parents continue to receive free evidence-based trauma therapy.  90% of the children with PTSD we served recovered by the end of treatment resulting in better school performance, more time spent with friends, and less conflict with their families.

Empowering multicultural communities to access mental health care

  • CHP’s Cultural Advisory Team has expanded to 20 members. These experts in school-based mental health, public education, and underrepresented groups (including native communities and those with marginalized gender identities and sexual orientation) adapted all CHP interventions and evaluation procedures for national dissemination.

  • The CHP research team did a study of the mental health impact of COVID-19 on 500 NYC children, almost 50% being from families of color.  Prior trauma was the strongest predictor of severity of PTSD, anxiety, depression, and behavior problems.

Learning programs

  • The National CHP was launched with a $3 million federal training grant.  With this award, we began deploying our model of school-family-mental health collaboration for traumatized children in Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Maryland, and South Carolina.  We are working with more than 500 professionals and training them to deliver state-of-the-art trauma care that will result in helping thousands of children.

  • 9 papers by the CHP team were accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies.

  • CHP workshops on the prevalence and impact of trauma and appropriate interventions were delivered to approximately 400 parents and professionals.


  • In response to Erin’s Law in NY state, mandating child sexual abuse prevention programming in schools, CHP created a package of prevention workshops for students, professionals, and parents.  Prevention workshops were delivered to over 40 professionals and 200 families.