Recent Accomplishments


Healing children using evidence-based, specialized therapies

  • 1 full-time clinician was added to reduce our waiting list from 4 months to 1 month.

  • 90% of the children with PTSD recovered by the end of CHP’s free evidence-based trauma therapy,  resulting in better school performance, less conflict with their families, and more time spent with friends.

Empowering multicultural communities to access mental health care

  • 15 national experts in diversity on our Cultural Advisory Team were instrumental in our new website to be more inclusive and accessible to underrepresented groups, including racial/ethnic and LGBTQ communities.

  • 500 NYC children, nearly 50% of whom are families of color, participated in a study of the mental health impact of COVID-19. Prior trauma was the strongest predictor of severity of PTSD, anxiety, depression, and behavior problems. Results have been presented to local leaders and submitted for publication.

Learning programs

  • 4,300 professionals were trained on state-of-the-art trauma care that will help tens of thousands of children as part of the federal National CHP grant deploying our model of school-family-mental health collaboration for traumatized children in Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Maryland, and South Carolina.

  • 7 papers were authored by the CHP team and presented at national conferences.

  • 430 supervisors nationwide accessed Dr. Brown’s chapter on supervision of therapists doing trauma treatment.


  • 182 parents and 160 children attended Keeping Every Child Safe, the CHP designed workshop to prevent abuse and bullying.