To better protect and heal children from trauma and its emotional impact


Project CONNECT: Efficacy of AF-CBT for multiply traumatized African-American, Latino, and Caribbean youth


What is our goal? In the county of Queens, NY, rates of sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, dating violence, and community violence are among the highest in the US.  For the two most populous minority groups in Queens and across the nation, Latinos and African/Caribbean Americans, the rates of exposure to violence are 8 and 5 times higher than for Whites. Latino and African/Caribbean American youth are most in need of evidence-based treatment for violence exposure, but due to concrete and cultural barriers, are least likely to receive it.

Most existing evidence-based treatments have not been adapted to overcome these barriers, nor have they addressed the most common forms of violence exposure such as domestic, dating, and community violence, with the populations most likely to be victimized, Latino and African/Caribbean adolescents.

How are we gathering our data? Project CONNECT (Community Networks Negotiating Evaluations and Counseling for Trauma) aims to strategically enhance Alternatives for Families: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (AF-CBT; Kolko, Brown, Shaver, Baumann, & Hershell, 2011) for Latino, Caribbean, and African American child and adolescent victims of various forms of violence. We will then implement and evaluate adapted AF-CBT with 100 youth, ages 5-17, and their caregivers. Assessments and AF-CBT will be provided in a safe, engaging, community-based site, the Queens Library branches.

The efficacy of adapted AF-CBT will be evaluated through a national collaboration on a randomized trial.