To better protect and heal children from trauma and its emotional impact

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International experts have identified best practices in the assessment and treatment of emotional stress and trauma. Unfortunately, many people working with children and families have not had the opportunity to learn them.

Child HELP Partnership leadership is dedicated to training mental health professionals at every stage of their career. Our programs cover three essential areas in the trauma continuum: prevention, crisis intervention, and therapy. On top of that, we work with other professionals to better identify and referral children exposed to trauma.

Child HELP Partnership aims to train professionals and community leaders on how to:

  • Identify children and families who have been exposed to trauma or violence
  • Understand the link between trauma exposure and mental health problems
  • Screen for the various mental health responses to traumatic events
  • Know when to make a referral for therapy
  • Make appropriate referrals to evidence-based therapists

Child HELP Partnership aims to train mental health professionals on how to:

  • Read, critique, and conduct research on children and families who have been through stress and trauma
  • Administer evidence-based assessment tools for children and caregivers who have been through traumatic events
  • Implement trauma-specific therapies that have been proven to help children and caregivers
  • Prevent secondary traumatic stress and burn-out by engagement in self-care