To better protect and heal children from trauma and its emotional impact

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Other Ways to Be Involved

There are many ways to join our effort to protect children from trauma and its emotional aftermath.

Help children while they are receiving therapy at PARTNERS Clinic by:

  • Creating a more beautiful, warm, and safe space for children and caregivers who attend our clinic. We are always looking for various items that help to enhance a child and family’s time with us at the PARTNERS Clinic such as: books and games for the waiting area, and stuffed animals and toys for the child therapy rooms
  • Volunteering to play with children while staff interview caregivers about their children’s needs or conduct therapy with caregivers
  • Donating time to help with onsite improvements, cleaning out existing toys and books that are missing parts, painting murals and other enhancements to the environment
  • Assisting with data entry and research. Learn to enter information about children and caregivers into databases, and analyze it to better understand our families and what they need

Click here for list of items and services.

Help caregivers get access to KEYS training, to prevent abuse and bullying by:

  • Connecting us to a community that might want and/or benefit from KEYS
  • Volunteer watch kids during on site events so couples and single parents can attend KEYS

Help get the word out about Child HELP Partnership by:

  • Talk to community leadership at businesses, churches, schools, etc about the efforts of CHP
  • Bring information about CHP and our services to the multicultural community, in settings they trust. Talk about our program to families who might benefit from our services but don’t know about them

Help our fundraising efforts by donating your time and services like:

  • Providing translation support (English/Spanish), Graphic Design, Printing, and supplies
  • Volunteering for CHP fundraising events
  • Donating items for CHP fundraising events

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