To better protect and heal children from trauma and its emotional impact

All About Us


At Child HELP Partnership, we develop and operate trauma-specific mental health programs with our innovative, scientifically supported protocols:

1) On the local level, we provide culturally adapted therapy and prevention services free-of-charge to underserved children and families in the surrounding communities.

2) On the national level, we develop and provide trainings, consultation, and oversight on the therapy methods and prevention programs to mental health professionals as well as the general public. Our outreach strategies, evaluation tools, therapies, and prevention trainings are improving care across the country.

To ensure we stay on the cutting edge of our science, our programs incorporate evaluation systems for correcting, refining and enhancing treatment so our methodology can be continually modified and improved.

Our goal is to replicate the Child HELP Partnership center’s well-documented results across the United States and abroad. We believe all children deserve safe and happy childhoods, so each and every one can grow up to be a strong and healthy adult.


It’s all in our name

Our name, Child HELP Partnership, reflects our integrated approach in four areas of focus:

  • Healing children after trauma using evidence-based therapies
  • Empowering multicultural communities with access to the finest, culturally-sensitive mental health programs
  • Learning programs – both live and virtual – to educate professionals in the most innovative and effective methodologies
  • Public education for parents and others who interact with children on a regular basis including educators, coaches, and people within their sphere of influence

Our partnerships are with children with trauma histories, their families, the community as a whole, colleagues in the mental health field, and caregivers, parents, and others who interact with children regularly. And our partnerships unite across cultures with all programs created to be language accessible and culturally informed.