To better protect and heal children from trauma and its emotional impact

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Letter from Executive Director

Dear Friends of Child HELP Partnership:

As you know, too many children are suffering because they have been through something scary and dangerous, but don’t have access to the therapies that can help them heal. In hopes of addressing this gap, I founded Child HELP Partnership in 2001, with the goal of providing the best in prevention and therapy to all families.

Our name, Child HELP Partnership, conveys three main messages. First of all, we are dedicated to children—preschoolers, elementary-school aged children, and teenagers—and the caregivers who are trying to raise them. Second, we aim to provide help. We are dedicated to healing children after they have suffered through trauma by providing therapies that have been proven to work, and preventing abuse and injury from happening in the first place. Third, the word partnership conveys how we think this help is most likely to happen. It’s all about partnerships…between children and their caregivers, caregivers and therapists, and CHP and our community. I believe that Child HELP Partnership helps in many ways: by working directly with families and children, by training professionals and caregivers across the country, and by publishing of our research findings. In the broadest way, the Child HELP Partnership is a partnership between academic settings where science is developed and the real world where science should be implemented.

All of the above represents my professional mission, my personal vision, and my daily goals and responsibilities. Why do I do this work? How do I do this work? The answer is: the families. I am humbled by every client with whom I have had the pleasure to work, either directly as a clinician or indirectly through our trainees. What children and adults can go through and grow from is amazing to me. Every story of recovery is a beautiful one. I also am inspired by the trainees from across the country who elect to work with us, our incredible staff who are dedicated to changing the lives of traumatized children, and my mentors who taught me more than I can explain. This is my life’s purpose and I am thankful everyday for the ability to do this work.


Elissa J. Brown, Ph.D.

Founder and Executive Director of Child HELP Partnership